Saturday, October 25, 2008

Post-event Press release, 25th October

The Hats are Off

If you’ve been scouring event guides for something cool happening in Dublin, hopefully you stumbled across The Hat’s Off, the new series of cocktail parties that kicked off in serious style last night at the Morrison.

And it seems like the crowd at The Hat’s Off know how to throw a party. With a stellar performance from well known Dublin band Halfset, old school tunes from festival favourite DJ Will Softly, the atmosphere, and the dance floor, were buzzing. But as with all good things, the genius was in the detail – from free cocktails flowing and Lindt chocolates nestled in the garden to slick projections from Simon Mc Keagney and dancing couple painted as chameleons, it was a genuinely spectacular affair. Beautiful plants were supplied by MyPlant, for the sheer leafiness of it.

There were games too, oh yes! In the interest of a bit of camaraderie, everyone was given a password, and each password matched one other person’s. You can guess the aim of the game, and what hijinx resulted! Strangers talked and laughed like old friends! Well, people got to know each other a bit, and Ailbhe Malone and Grace McElvoy, who were the first to find each other, even won a prize! Wholesome fun was had by all.

So hat’s off to ‘The Hat’s Off!’ for the party, and to what is just the beginning of a new movement to shake up Dublin’s nightlife scene once and for all.

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